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Robert St. John

Restaurateur, author, enthusiastic traveler, & world-class eater.


Mrs. Lampkin’s Methodist Punch

Mix all in gallon container and fill with water to make one gallon.

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Mary Virginia’s Milk Punch

Combine all in a quart container. Shake well. Keep refrigerated.

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Lava Lamps

In a medium bowl, stir together the gelatin mix and boiling water until completely dissolved, about 2 minutes. Stir in…

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Larry’s Super Summer Sours

Place lemonade concentrate, brandy, whiskey, cherries, and cherry juice in a blender. Fill with ice.  Blend. Serve immediately garnished with…

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Episcopalian Punch

Combine all except soda water. Add soda just before serving. Yield: one gallon

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Catholic Punch

Mix two cups of the wine with the sugar to dissolve. Combine all into a large punch bowl.

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Beeson Punch

Add enough water to make 1 gallon

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Baptist Punch

Combine first five ingredients, mix well. Just before serving add ginger ale.

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