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Robert St. John

Restaurateur, author, enthusiastic traveler, & world-class eater.

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Pizza Ground Zero

BARBERINO-TAVARNELLE, TUSCANY— Naples is the birthplace of pizza. It’s an ancient and historic seaside city that can be a little…

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Loblolly Stories

Ten Things I’ve Learned Opening a Bakery

I am opening a bakery today. Opening any style of restaurant is one of the most stressful activities one will…

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It’s A Tough Job but Somebody’s Got To Chew It

“No one trusts a skinny chef.” In my business— if you posess the body style I walk around with every…

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Neck Deep In King Cake Development

It looks like 2023 will go down as the year of the king cake— at least in my book. I…

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RSJ's New Orleans Favorites

RSJ’s New Orleans Restaurant Recommendations 2023

NEW ORLEANS— In a poll of national food critics I believe New Orleans would be listed among the top three…

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RSJ’s Top 10 New Orleans Breakfasts

The following is the first in a summer-column series that will cover dining in New Orleans. Over the next four…

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An Engagement to Remember

This past weekend was a memorable one for our family. Our 26-year old daughter got engaged to her longtime boyfriend.…

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Recent Columns


BARBERINO-TAVARNELLE, ITALY— As a kid almost every restaurant in my hometown was independently owned and local. Granted, there weren't too…

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PETROGNANO, ITALY— It’s true that there’s no place like home, and I deeply and dearly love my hometown of Hattiesburg…

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Oh, Jesse Where Art Thou? — A True Tight Spot

VALENCIA, SPAIN— It was a tight spot. Not in the figurative sense in which one is faced with a challenging…

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Spanish Breakdown

MADRID— The motto of the Boy Scouts of America is to be prepared. That’s all well and good, except I…

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Burgers I Have Known

There are long stretches in my life when I dedicated all my culinary focus, research, development, and meals to fine…

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The Best Job Ever

There are many emotions associated with parenthood. Joy and amusement come to mind immediately. The early responsibilities of parenting can…

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Nobody’s Poet

In the late 1990s I was asked by my local newspaper to write a weekly food column. I politely declined…

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Bad Food

It took me 60 years to start eating like an adult. I am 62 so I’ve only been eating responsibly…

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Since 1999 I have written every week in this space, a thousand words a week, never missing a week. That’s…

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