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Robert St. John

Restaurateur, author, enthusiastic traveler, & world-class eater.

Oh, Jesse Where Art Thou? — A True Tight Spot

VALENCIA, SPAIN— It was a tight spot. Not in the figurative sense in which one is faced with a challenging situation that needs immediate attention. Though this was a very challenging situation that needed immediate action, but it was also a literal tight spot. The word “literally” is thrown around by many these days, usuallyContinue reading “Oh, Jesse Where Art Thou? — A True Tight Spot”

Burgers I Have Known

There are long stretches in my life when I dedicated all my culinary focus, research, development, and meals to fine dining restaurants and fine dining principles. The first restaurant I opened in 1987 was a white-tablecloth concept, The Purple Parrot Café. The Parrot had a great 33-year run in my hometown of Hattiesburg. We garneredContinue reading “Burgers I Have Known”

The Best Job Ever

There are many emotions associated with parenthood. Joy and amusement come to mind immediately. The early responsibilities of parenting can bring worry and guilt. There can be irritation and disappointment as well. The unique thing about being a parent is that sometimes one can feel several of those emotions— contradicting as they may be— atContinue reading “The Best Job Ever”