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Robert St. John

Restaurateur, author, enthusiastic traveler, & world-class eater.

Grouper Orleans


6 grouper filets

1/4 cup clarified butter

1 cup Seasoned Flour

1/2 pound shrimp, peeled and deveined

2 tbsp minced garlic

4 cups sliced mushrooms

1 1/2 cups sliced green onions

3 ounces white wine


Creole Cream Sauce

2 cups heavy cream

1 tbsp Creole Seasoning

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp hot sauce

1 tsp paprika


Parmesan Cream Sauce

1 quart heavy cream

1/2 pound Parmesan cheese, grated

1/3 pound Romano cheese, grated

2 teaspoons white pepper

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

light blond roux– 3 tablespoons butter + 4 tablespoons flour

1 1/4 cups creole cream sauce

1/2 cup Romano cheese

1/4 cup parsley, chopped

1/4 cup Parmesan Cream Sauce

1/4 cup Romano cheese, grated



Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Place seasoned flour into large shallow pan,.  Lightly flour filets.  Heater butter in a large skillet over medium high heat and lightly brown both sides of fish.  Place filets on baking sheet and cook in oven for 5- 10 minutes .

Sauté shrimp until they begin to turn pink.  Add mushrooms and cook until tender.  Add garlic and green onions and cook an additional 2-3 minutes.  Add creole cream sauce and Parmesan cream sauce and bring to a simmer.  Remove from heat; stir in cheese.  Divide evenly and spoon over fish.  Garnish with fresh parsley and grated Romano.

Yield:  6 servings

Creole Cream Sauce

Place all ingredients in a double boiler over medium high heat and reduce by 1/3 until thickened.

Parmesan Cream Sauce

Bring heavy cream to a boil.  Add cheese and stir well.  Add pepper and nutmeg.  Prepare roux.  Add roux to milk & cheese mixture and cool until thickened.

Yield:  1 quart

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