Nobody’s Poet

Robert St John and Marshall Ramsey combine talents to crank out one of the most hilarious publications to hit the shelves since Mad became a magazine. St. John’s witty, often irreverent, food columns come to life through Ramsey’s over-the-top illustrations. From the first page, it’s obvious both these guys are nuts. Each page allows the reader to delve deeper into the psyche of the two collaborators. Are they only a few fries short of a happy meal or just reliving a prepubescent need for potty humor. Only their wives and CPAs know for sure.



Never before seen correspondence between St. John and Hormel corporate officials is reproduced in its entirety. Then there’s a St. John investigative efforts to reveal the closely held secrets of elementary school cafeterias. St John’s behind the scenes experiment reveals that lunch ladies really do recycle food from the plates of students to be served another day.

Nobody’s Poet is a laugh a minute. The second read is even funnier. It can’t be put down.



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