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Robert St. John

Restaurateur, author, enthusiastic traveler, & world-class eater.

A Tale of Two Letters.

December 20, 2005

A Tale of Two Letters.

These are the letters to Santa that my children dictated to me last night (Holleman 8-year old, Harrison 4-year old). I wrote down everything they said as they said it. I then forwarded the letters to Santa. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Harrison!


Dear Santa,

How are the elves doing? They made a new movie, you know, called “The Happy Elf.”

What kind of cookies do you want for Christmas?

It’s Holleman talking, here. I’m loving school this year. I’m in the third grade now. I live on 222 Arlington Loop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

I’ve been trying to be good all year.

If you don’t mind for Christmas may I have a skateboard? How’s a lava lamp feeling to ya?

Dear Santa, I’ve gotta explain this one to you. I would like a bubble chair. One that hangs from the ceiling, that is light pink and fuzzy. I’ve seen it on a commercial, so you know I’m not making it up.

This is late notice, but is there a chance of you coming to our house? I don’t really NEED anything, what I’ve listed before is just what I would LIKE.

Would you like organic milk, or regular? Which is the one that Mrs. Claus gives you?

Please write back.

Do the reindeer still have energy in them?

Is Rudolph’s nose still glowing like a flashlight? A red one, that is.

I’m so glad to be actually talking to you.

Once again, that’s it.

Best wishes, and good luck.



P.S. May I please have the Chloe Bratz winter doll? Thank you

Dear Santa,

Yo Santa, I’ve been bad and I apologize. I want a flying suit so I can fly up in the air, where you go up and down and sideways.

Now Santa, I gotta tell ya, that I want a jet-propelled skateboard that goes really fast with fire on it that’s really cool.

And Santa, I’ve got to tell you something that you really might like, guess what, I want an alien saucer that could fly higher than the moon!

I want an “Easy” button that locks the door, maybe even closes it, maybe even opens it.

What was it like when you were a kid?

How is Mrs. Claus doing. I hope she’s not getting too old.

I want something awesome… all the Batman stuff you see in your bag.

I want a four-wheeler that can go on the wall and the ceiling. I want a trick phone that when you talk on it all you hear is “huuh, huuh, huuh (heavy breathing).”

Guess what I want next? A jingle bell that is so loud it knocks you Down!

The four wheeler is going to be a Batmobile!

I want a light that when you turn it on, it shines in your eyes and knocks you out!

Hey Santa, I’m going to leave you some chocolate chip ones that are really tasty.

Santa, you know what? My typing’s over right now, already.

My name is Harrison St.John

(Several times during the letter, I asked if he wanted to tell Santa how he has acted this year, he replied, “I’ve already told him that.”)

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